As You Wish Frozen Yogurt Nutritional Information:

All As You Wish Frozen Yogurt varieties are certified Kosher, do not contain high fructose corn syrup* and most are Gluten Free** As You Wish Frozen Yogurt Tart Profile Frozen Yogurt and our Sorbets are all natural.

As You Wish Frozen Yogurt frozen yogurt is carefully crafted to contain high levels of beneficial live and active yogurt cultures. These cultures are probiotic and are considered beneficial to be present in the intestinal tract of the human body to insure proper balance needed for digestion and good health. As You Wish Frozen Yogurt cultures include: S. thermophilus, L. bulgaricus, L. lactis and L. acidophilus. As You Wish Frozen Yogurt is never heat treated after culturing. All this attention to quality ensures that you receive the healthy benefits of the living yogurt cultures in a creamy delicious frozen dessert.

As You Wish Frozen Yogurt’s sweet profile frozen yogurt contain 100-200 million cultures per gram of beneficial live and active yogurt cultures. As You Wish Frozen Yogurt’s tart profile frozen yogurt contain 300-400 million cultures per gram of beneficial live and active yogurt cultures. The National Yogurt Association requires 10 million cultures per gram of live and active yogurt cultures to qualify for its seal program.


*except Cookies & Cream as there is HFCS in the Oreo™ Cookies
**except for Red Velvet Cake, Cake Batter, Whoppers™ and Cookies & Cream, which contain gluten